With lactose intolerance on the rise in recent years, and expected further growth, can we expect a plant based weight gainer to compare with "First String".


Not sure we would make a plant-based FirstString-type formula for a while but only because we don’t have a big enough market for it to make it cost effective (see note at bottom of email). In the meantime, you can use the dotFIT BestPlantProtein (BPP) and add the carbohydrates (CHO) you want (e.g. fruits, milk, juices, CHO powders, etc.). That’s what’s great about powdered mixes, you can make them any way you need them by adding your own CHOs, fats, etc. to the shake.

I want to also let you know that there is negligible lactose in any of our powders because the majority of it is removed from the whey concentrate and therefore even if you are lactose intolerant (or a mal-digester*, which is what most people truly are but call themselves “intolerant”), with very few exceptions, it should not bother you and especially if you drink it slowly. One serving of First String has only 1 grm of lactose so almost immeasurable.

*Lactose mal-digesters and individuals who consider themselves lactose intolerant, can consume 6-12 grams of lactose without major symptoms.

More Info:

Dairy alternatives

The dotFIT program's Vegetarian and Lactose Free menus are dairy/lactose free.

All dotFIT pills, capsules, NO7, AminoFormula & MuscleDefender are completely dairy free.

dotFIT bars and powders are not dairy free but virtually lactose free (see below). If someone is allergic to dairy components (e.g. proteins) other than lactose they should not consume the dotFIT powders or bars. Our distribution channel for a completely dairy free powder or bar is not big enough to warrant minimum financially acceptable product runs- i.e. very few exercisers/athletes need a dairy free protein product.

Lactose Intolerance

If someone is only lactose intolerant, they should have no problems using dotFIT powders or bars . As an example, the majority of the people that think they are lactose intolerant are what we call lactose mal-digesters. Most lactose mal-digesters can consume 6-12 grams of lactose without major symptoms. Lactose intolerance at any level (such as mal-digesters) is the reduced ability to digest milk sugar (lactose) and common in adults, but should have no effect on your ability to comfortably use dotFIT food or powdered shake mixes unless you have been diagnosed with “severe lactose intolerance”, which is extremely rare unless you are 100% Native American. First of all almost everyone can consume some dairy depending on how they consume it such as speed, quantity and accompanying foods.

As shown below, dotFIT shakes contain only negligible amounts of lactose, meaning it can't cause discomfort from lactose content. If you have discomfort from use, it will be from something else like an allergy to milk itself (e.g. proteins), items you may mix it with, or quick ingestion/digestion leading to gas production.

dotFIT product lactose comparison g/serving 

1-cup milk: 12 gms

1-cup yogurt: 9 gms

First String Choc 1 gm

First String Van 1.2 gms

Lean MR Choc .22g

Lean MR Van .22g

Prepost Choc 1.1g

Prepost Van 1.2g

Whey Smooth Choc 2.4g

Whey Smooth Van 2.45g

Note on adding products to the dotFIT line: 

The only reason we don't come out with everything the way everyone would want them produced (and there are many requests), would be because at this point in time within our sport/fitness practitioner product distribution channel, we don't have a large enough respective market to produce in the quantities necessary to be even slightly competitive with currently available specialty product lines that cater to unique markets. You must produce into the 100s of thousands at one time of each product to be price competitive as we do for all other products we sell. And if we did that with a unique requested particular product, because our market for that specialty product is so small, most of the product would expire before we sold it, leaving a huge waste and lost revenues.

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